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Education at Maplewood Jewish Center
Where Jewish learning comes to life.

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At Maplewood Jewish Center, we believe that education is central to the Jewish experience. Through our welcoming Center, state-of-the-art classrooms, engaging programs and dedicated staff, we provide our community a range of exceptional education resources for every stage of learning and life.

Explore educational opportunities at the MJC
KinderGan Preschool

Open to all families, our KinderGan Preschool offers a stimulating and enriching Jewish educational environment the inspires an early love for learning. Age-appropriate curriculum promotes each child’s intellectual, social, physical and emotional growth

Hebrew School

Held at Maplewood Jewish
Center, our Hebrew Classes
offer a fun, engaging and
dynamic way for children to
learn the Hebrew language,
appreciate Jewish holidays and
traditions, and celebrate their
Jewish identity.

Adult Education

Learning is a lifelong
endeavor. Our varied and
enriching adult Jewish
education courses are perfect
for advancing skills, expanding
knowledge, and connecting
with other adults in your

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